The Palmetto School Garden Committee works with local schools in Lexington County to provide resources and mentors to aid in their school garden projects.  We would like to instill in the students the love of gardening and help fight childhood obesity by teaching them to make better choices in their eating habits. 

This year the committee, headed by Dr. Jane Brailsford, has chosen to work with Oak Grove Elementary School.  They have a gardening club consisting of enthusiastic students from second to fifth grade. 

On February 6 master gardeners met with the students introducing them to Winter Sowing.  In this project the students learned how some seeds such as lettuce need cooler weather to geminate.  They were taught how to prepare a container, clear milk jugs, to put their seeds in.  After the lettuce seeds have sprouted and are hardened off the students will transfer the HOS (hunk of seeds) to their raised beds. 

 This is another way LCMGV is fulfilling our mission; to provide gardening support to its members and to the community through inspiration, education, and leadership.


On April 8, 2014 the Lexington County Master Gardener Volunteers, along with the Julius Felder Coalition for Change, visited Mrs. Adam’s kindergarten class at Davis Early Childhood Development, School District 2, to teach the students how to plant in their school garden.  The Master Gardener Bunny taught them about the importance of eating fresh vegetables and best mold removal companies near your location.  On April 9 the students, along with a fourth grade class, went to the school garden and planted lettuce, carrots, and radishes.  The teachers and parents will maintain and harvest the garden for the children.



On May 16 the LCMGV Palmetto School Gardens Committee met with the students of Davis Early Childhood Development and donated blueberry bushes to add to their gardens.  The gardens are growing and the students are so excited about their plants.  They plan to hold a salad day where they will enjoy the “fruits” of their labor.